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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  November 30, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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and in one frame, you can see several gunman open firks then some pull guns and return fire. the 23-month-old was struck in the head during that exchange. as many as 50 bullets in all were fired. and the boy has been in intensive care on life support ever since. his parents asked the community to pray for their son. >> i just whispered in his ear words he used to say to me like dada, juice, stuff he used to say to me. rubbing his feet. if he's crying i just keep on pushing and stay strong for him. >> what am i do-to-do now? what is next? all because of what? someone don't like somebody? or something stupid? >> young hiram will turn two
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soon. two others were critically wounded in the gun battle. seven in all were injured. his father pleaded for no retaliation, keeping peace is also the goal of this vigil. >> we try to be stopping the violence in our community and trying to save live of our community. >> it's taking events like this and that is a bad thing, but events like this for people to realize that our community is hurting. >> and again this is a live picture of the vigil just getting underway. there are candles and they're calling this a healing circle. despite that surveillance video, oakland police are asking for public's help in identifying witness, or identifying shooters in that video. they need witnesses to come forward. crime stoppers is offering a $35,000 reward. police set up a special tip
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line for this case in particular. in oakland abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> the drive who police say ran down a man with his car is under arrest tonight. and facing charges in attempted hit and run murder of a san francisco fire fighter. he is in critical condition. and we're live now to explain how police tracked him down. >> police were able to track the suspect down when a young patrol officer saw the video and realized that he'd gone to high school with him. bartal is in a coma. this is the seven day day. >> he's the same. doctors have not offered information. >> patricia's 29-year-old son is still fighting for his life at san francisco general
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hospital. the california forestry firefighter is in critical condition still on life support. last night, police arrested the 22-year-old at his home in south san francisco. investigators say he intentionally ran over bartal with his car near this jack in the box. arrest due to an alert patrol officer. >> we recognized the suspect from that surveillance individual yes. he contacted inspectors. they were able to come up with an identification. >> i'll tell you, i'm glad he's off streets. and this is in god's hands. >> patricia bartal wants to thank police for their quick action. >> i'm proud of him. ichl thankful for them. >> and he a friend stopped by jack in the box early thursday morning. investigators say he spent the evening at several clubs on broadway. police say they got into a
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verbal argument with a suspect shown here on the left side of the counter in this security video. after the altercation, bartal walked to this gas station. investigators say the suspect got into his car, followed him, and ran him down. fellow firefighters have been at the hospital since the attack. they're relieved that police have made an arrest. >> did a great job, we're happy they're able to find someone. now, we just want to turn our focus into his recovery and taking care of the family. >> a large part of the focus is to raise money po-to-help pay medical bills ask to care for his 2-year-old daughter. firefighters set up a trust fund. for more information you can go to our web site z click on see it on tv. >> and thousands of police joined together today in vallejo.
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officer james capoot remembered as a dedicated officer, devoted father and husband and the heart of his kmuchblt a robbery suspect shot him during a chase. his memorial took place in vallejo high school. he leaves behind a wife and three daughter autos my dad had a heart of gold. he wasn't just my dad, he was one of my best friends, taught me everything i know. i am everything i am because of him. he taught me how to be strong when i was weak and happy when i was sad. >> officer jim capoot was 45 years old. his wife jennifer sent a message asking when you see a police officer to please stop and shake his or her hand and say thanks there. is a trust fund set up for his children. we have information for you if you'd like to contribute. >> and let's move on and talk about weather. and winds appear to be causing
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havoc. there is a fire in calistoga. no one was hurt. and art skinner sent this picture to our you report page. in sunnyvale blocked trees blocked two lanes of highway 101. and there is a huge back up of cars developed. there is an alert about hazardous driving conditions. this is a live picture of the bay bridge. you can see camera bouncing around a bit. the bridge is under a high wind advisory as are most of the bridges so be careful when you're out there. sandhya patel is here with a look at what's happening. these winds are getting stronger. >> they are. we're seeing north wind gusts gusting to 41 miles per hour. diablo range gusting to 50 miles per hour. so there is a live picture, it's a shaky camera,
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definitely hang on tight. one more thing here, these are the peak wind gusts. danville, this is a current wind speed. and there is 49 rio vift y hayward, san jose mid to upper 30s range. we're going to continue to see strong winds overnight tonight. i'll be back with a look at the forecast including a high wind warning and a wind advisory. >> california department of social services is facing a lawsuit for the way it's recovering from well fare debts. state has been targeting children, forcing them to pay back money their parents owe. >> this needs to stop. >> the 78-year-old never faced a debt collector like this. he received a letter saying his 14-year-old great granddaughter irene lowes $3,000 for benefits her mother
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should not have gotten while pregnant with irene. now, her current $334 a month government aid is being cut until the debt is paid. >> i never do that. i know for grown people, people that don't pay child support, but not children. >> jamie from riverside is now a college student and she, too, got a demand leter to pay back benefits her family received when she was 16 years old. >> the state has gone out of bounds on this, this is overzealous. >> there is a lawsuit on behalf of the two girls, it wants the state to stop this practice going on for years. >> you're allowed to recover but there is nudging in state law saying you can take money back from a child. >> california department of social services says it's sensitive to overpayment issue but state law mandates
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counties first go after adults associated with the case when seeking a refund of benefits, quote, when efforts are exhausted the county is required to seek recoupment from any individual that was an aided member of a family case. >> so why would the state do that? they're not protecting a child. they're victimizing that child. >> the lawsuit wants to refund money collected from children for well fare debt. often times, overpayments were due to a clerical error. >> there is a lot more to spring you tonight. a new sper suspective on obama care. only one element that most people don't like. >> also, local bicycle maker is bullish on the economy. tonight they're peddling job autos cool web sites to get
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shopping deals, 7 on your side is coming up. >> there is a race to repair tsunami damage on the vulnerable harbor onos
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. as republican presidential candidates rail against what they call ob wrauma care there is an interesting survey showing most americans like much of what that law provides. and mark matthews is here with the story tonight. mark? >> this is a survey of 1200 americans from aross the country. a survey designed and
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missioned by kaiser family foundation. and they've been tracking opinion every year since it passed a year and a half ago. in november overall view remained more negative than positive. 44% view it unfavorably. 37% like it. >> it has changed a hill bit and has been mixed since the law was passed. >> liz hamil at kaiser family foundation has been breaking down the health care act into its parts and looking at what the law actually does. >> there are many popular among large shares. >> there is a requirement insurance companies provide easy to understand benefit sum maries. tax credits for small businesses and pro visions to close medicare doughnut hole for prescription autos and requires or that prohibits insurance companies from
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denying courage to people based on pre-existing season kns. >> least popular? individual mandate. >> i couldn't like being forced no what i don't want to do. >> 63% say it's unpopular but in general that is not the deciding factor. >> when asked about the law in general, we get split that is divided sharply. >> hamil explains most people react to what they've heard from leaders of their political party autos if obama has behind it it must be good. >> that is all you can tell me? >> yes. >> republicans who view the law unfavorably, the vast majority said it was based on what they've heard and how they feel about the current administration eenl a waurter of people with negative view said waits about what they know about the law. >> and our political analyst says that won't last. >> that will get a lot of
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coverage. we know voters will be learning things. >> will actually learn things. people who haven't been paying attention are going to be targeted with television and radio ads from both sides and politicians will be trying to use this issue to drive their base. >> there will be plenty to fact check. thank you. >> and a bicycle maker is more bullish than many about hiring now, participating in a job fair tomorrow hoping to find 30 new employees. and we take a look at the local business on the move. >> specialize was the first mass producer of mountain bikes. and an expanding line of bike access riz and apparel. now more than half of the sales are overseas. and. >> i think being a global company helps our growth
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opportunities and ability to hire different people and continue to create jobs for people. >> specialize has 300 people working at its head quarters and there are current openings for 30 more. >> and and right now we have engineering positions and some field positions. it runs the gamut. >> specialized, engineers and make stone frames and handle bars and components. assembly done in asia. the representations created a global market. winners of 11 world championships rode special wrized bikes. and there is a typically convalley culture where dogs are welcome. >> people that work here are passionate about cycling and outdoors or passionate about something that really speaks to them.
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so very few people join a company like specialized that are just looking for a job. >> they work hard and play hard. the bikes aren't just for show, they cycle. the noon time ride is part of the culture, but job applicants are invite add long this, is not a typical job interview. when specialized fills 30 openings it's planning to add 20 more jobs. >> big five sporting goods will be hiring at tomorrow's job fair. it's sponsored by abc 7 from noon until 4:00 at double tree hotel in san jose. >> by then, the wind will have died down. >> this is remarkable. >> reporting 40-50 miles per hour field gusts. not just confined to the bay area. the wind out to the sierra and
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southern california as well. there is a is a bouncy camera there. and it's going to be with us in overnight hours continuing into early tomorrow morning before we see a slow drop off of winds. there is some dense fog this morning. and there is wind flow that blew away and started to scour out the central valley stuck in the fog. current wind speeds you can see how windy it is now. fairfield is out of the north gusting to 41 miles per hour. livermore, hayward is 39 miles per hour winds, half moon bay gusting to 29 out of the northeast. and winds helped to dry temperatures up. it's a good five-15 degrees
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warmer today. and anywhere from low 60s to low 70s, temperatures feeling comfortable. mainly 60s across the bay area, upper 50s, strongest winds occurring overnight. there is a dry pattern into next week. there is an area of low pressure dropping down into southern california. area of high pressure building in behind it and there is a large pressure difference. isobars indicating windy conditions. and winds will continue to ramp up. strongest winds coming in overnight. there is high pressure building in. we'll continue to see northeastern winds so about 5:00 or 6:00 things start to drop off. high wind warning in affect for hills until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. gusts 70 miles per hour. still possible over ridges and peaks. there is a wind advisory with
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gusts to 50 miles per hour still possible. numbers quite comfortable. most areas will be into 40s, 39 degrees in livermore there. tomorrow afternoon, looking for a sunny day. breezy into lower elevations and windy into some of the hills. winds slowly start to come down tomorrow afternoon. sunny skies, 66 in santa rosa. san francisco, oakland head out towards antioch and livermore. 64 in san jose. monterey bay, mild day in santa cruz. 70 degrees there. windy to start things off. and there is a nice, sunny day. sunny skies and dry pattern going to continue well into early next week. cooler weather and then, by wednesday, things cloud up. you'll notice a difference in
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temperatures. >> thank you. >> and coming up a new appeal to stop the state parks from closing. >> and what lawmakers may have left out of the equation. stay with us. more still to come. [ female announcer ] at jcpenney, we're giving you a big thank you this friday & saturday. save an extra 20% off all your holiday gifts when you use your jcpenney rewards credit card. don't have a card, you still get an extra 15% off. no exclusions! doors open extra early saturday. go to to see everything on sale. jcey. fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. uh forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh, try the number one! i've never heard of that. [ wife ] it's great. it's a sweet honey cereal, you'll love it. are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] half a days worth of fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyo recognition. fibeone.
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you can see
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[ female announcer ] at jcpenney, we're giving you a big thank you this friday & saturday. save an extra 20% off all your holiday gifts when you use your jcpenney rewards credit card. don't have a card, you still get an extra 15% off. no exclusions! doors open extra early saturday. go to to see everything on sale. jcpeey. an agreement has averted closure of three california state parks. national park service will take over the parks as well as dell norte redwood park today
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urged the governor to avoid further cuts and they say state parks grern yait $300 million for the state from supporting businesses. >> we're talking about bed and breakfast owners in mendocino and retail owners in sonoma. businesses can't afford the state to shut down resource that's bring people in. >> without funding 67 state parks will close. >> tonight two governors asking the obama administration to agree that marijuana has medicinal value. the governors from rhode island and washington state want to put the weed on an accepted medical use list. drug enforcement agency put pair mayor in the same category as heroin and lsd, removing pot from that list would eliminate the conflict with federal law in that of 16 states.
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>> there has been a big break through for construction crews at caldecott tunnel. after 5 months, crews tunneling from both sides have now met in the middle. this just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon. the project is designed to ease traffic between oakland and owe or yinda. 160,000 cars per day use the caldecott tunnel. >> ways standing on road header as it punched through wall walls like a relief. and to see daylight was a great memt oo. caltrans released that video today. project still on track to be completed by late 2013. >> coming up at 6:30 home coming of a soldier. the mother says goodbye to her only son and tells us of memories she'll cherish forever.
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>> and a north coast harbor that is a magnet for tsunamis.
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closing bell at new york stock exchange may be ringing in a positive new direction for the global economy. >> stocks went up nearly 500 points today. steps were taken to ease the european debt crisis. the european bank agreed to make it easier for europe banks to borrow american dollars. the u.s. federal reserve and central bank of china were in on the deal. dow jones shot up 490 points on this news.
6:30 pm
the best showing since august. and bank of america gained 7%. jp morgan chase and citi group did better today. and today's action will make it easier for banks to make loans but does little to shore up the euro, which may have been just day from collapsing. and there are more money matters tonight. we're seeing improvement in the u.s. economy. retail sails sales grew but hiring and real estate remain weak. and safeway plans to take on $1.5 billion in debt. crude oil prices ticked up again today and closed above the $100 a barrel park.
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and despite misgivings, the billionaire warren buffet bought his hometown paper today. >> president obama pushing for an extension of a federal payroll tax cut and told supporters failure would cost average americans about a thousand dollars and would be a major blow to the economy. he chastised republican who's openosed the bill because it would be paid for by raising taxes on people making more than $1 million a year. >> how is it they can break their oath when it comes to raising their taxes but not for taxes fr wealthy people? >> republicans say they're prepared to extend the tax cut but would rather pay by freezing salaries of federal worker autos herman cain
6:32 pm
sounds like he's in the race to stay. he went on the offensive today in ohio labeling himself the victim of unfair attacks. >> they're attacking my character p my name. in order to try to bring me down. i don't believe that america is going to let that happen. >> cain did not address the allegations against him but the woman behind the latest claim says she had a 13 year affair with cain and produced records showing he called and texted her hundreds of times, he denies the affair and says the two were just friends. >> a small town of crescent city is the biggest exporter of dungeness crab and waves
6:33 pm
destroyed the harbor there last spring. with north coast crab season opening tomorrow, we sent jonathan bloom to crescent city fr tonight's report. >> there are more tsunamies here that do more damage. >> march 11th, waves rippling out and crashed into the harbor and ripped it apart. a bistander shot this video. boats broke free and collided, dragging pieces of broken dock that's were cracked and weakened in 2006. >> this just swirled around and shattered them all over the place. there were 12 or 14 boats. maybe more. >> and they showed us what is
6:34 pm
left of the boats. >> this is a very little you can salvage. >> now on a barge a giant excavateor is working to dredge up the sand the tsunami brought in making it too shallow for bigger boats. the work is slow and deadline, tight. >> this time every year, parking lot starts to fill up with crabbing baskets those pots mean jobs. the season about to start and fishing industry makes it more than a third of the crescent city economy. >> if the harbor coughs, the city shiver autos this is a fishing harbor. >> so the harbor master asked for a big favor. this is what he got.
6:35 pm
old, creeky wood that came from san francisco. san francisco was remodeling its west marina and gave its old docks for free. >> they fit well here. >> with new temporary docks replacing some of the old broken ones this harbor designed for more than 200 boats only fits about 80. that takes care of the local fishing fleet. for traveling fishermen it has been racing to implement plan b. they're called anchors and giant cork screws. boats can tie up to them. >> there is 6,000 pounds right there. that anchor broke the rope they're using to test it.
6:36 pm
>> crescent city will be ready for crab condition. but the harbor master knows this is just the beginning. >> this is where the san andreas fault runs off shore. >> the ocean floor is shaped like a funnel. no matter where they come from. in the 196 had a great wave wiped out most of downtown. that is what these boulders are for. and withstand the waves that destroyed it last march. >> it's going to be stronger and better. just takes time and money to get there. >> where sit coming from? >> good qe. emergency grants will pay foremost of it but the harbor district is $4 million short determined to find money quickly. >> we know they will be
6:37 pm
coming. we don't know to this year or 30 years from now. >> meanwhile, repairs continue in santa cruz damaged by the march 11th sue nam yeechl a spokeswoman says construction will remain in full swing and repairs might not be complete until mid 2013. a lot of work to do. >> still coming up from 7 on your side tonight, you can sniff out best prices now that black friday and cyber monday are over. >> classic cars on display for the first time that are inspiring local students. we
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hundreds of victim helping a -- remembering a fallen marine. a reaccepting followed at his alma mater. those who spoke about him are recall a smiling young man who put others first and determined to serve his country. he died touring combat operations on the first tour of duty in afghanistan. >> a california national guardsman just weeks from returning from afghanistan came home today to south bay. the specialist was kill bid enemy fire two weeks ago. today, his body arrived at moffett field. we have a report on his somber home coming. >> before the plane carrying sean walsh touched down,
6:41 pm
before the flag draped coffin and salutes told us why, his mother showed courage by reading a statement. she wanted the world to know if for a second her only child was gone. >> he was a man full of laughter with a kind heart and a happy spirit. he was the fourth generation of my family to serve our country in the military. and the third to receive a bronze star. and sadly, i'm the second member of my family to have lost a son. >> the specialist was killed november 16th by enemy fire launched at his military base in afghanistan. our cameras were there last december when the 870th military police company shipped out. they were just weeks from coming home. had things gone as planned sean's best friend would have been there for the home coming z so she was, today. >> i feel this is important to
6:42 pm
me. >> the 21-year-old was hoping for a career in law enforcement and spent four years as a santa clara explorer. >> just to watch him mature and become a young professional was fantastic. >> sean's fellow soldiers posted two video contribute united states. of all of the photos this is his mom's favorite. lina and sean, but this is the one sean posted last month and called her to see. >> he loved me. i loved him back. we ended every phone call with i love you mom. or i love you son and he'd say, one of us would say you love you more. so that was my son. >> in a weerld with no guarantees that memory promises to last a lifetime. at moffett field abc 7 news. >>
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shoppers consumed with getting the best deal this holiday season. >> michael fib finney is here with plenty of good deal autos there is a lot more coming.
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retailers plan to keep rolling out deals so consumers will keep coming back in. how do you sniff out the best prices? competition is is z.high tech are on your side. shopping on the internet can save you a good deal of money. some even pay you to shop. >> there are 1500 stores we partner with on ebay. and they pay us a commission. >> they then split commission with the customer autos we show you coupons and sites and make a purchase we pay you cash. no rebate forms or points or miles wech pay cash. that is what people love. >> how do you pay? >> by check aichl big, fat check we call it. we'll send it to you quarterly. >> offering a similar deal is extra >> we tell which coupons they should use and how much cash
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back they'll get. >> and if you're shopping in a store and want to make sure you're getting a deal, there is an app for that. take the item and find a markup. line up the camera. take a shot. and watch as it finds the product then gives me what other stores are charging. app worked during our test. and i've posted all of the information from this report on abc 7 >> good information. thank you. >> and we have a late word tonight on the power outages caused by wind there is most along the central coast oo. and that wind has been fierce in many spots.
6:48 pm
and there is winds remain intense. there could be more power outages and high wind warning continuing until 6:00 p.m. thursday. there are wind advisory for lower elevations gusting to 50 miles per hour. be careful and watch out on roadways. high was wind dropping off we'll see temperatures on the mild side again. 66 in santa rosa. and san jose all into mid-60s, antioch, livermore with santa cruz 70 degrees, here is the accu-weather forecast. there is a windy start but winds drop off tomorrow afternoon. and there is a dry pattern going into weekend. and send us photos and videos
6:49 pm
i'd love to hear bit. >> thank you. >> and one of the most extensive classic car collections in the country is in san francisco part of the academy of art university and open to the public. what you can see. >> this is works of heart. >> the integrity of the design shows. >> alisa bought the first car. she and her parents now have 170 cars creating a sense of history in this former auto showroom. >> the cars are because of technology, not because of their design, the design still holds true. >> timelessness is the best technology of era. and the body show what's is inside of what the car meant
6:50 pm
to do so saying cars can create an meegsal response. he should know, he designed the miatta. now, he's encouraging students to do the same. >> having the collection gives students a strong reverence of where, and how, automobile design started. >> using the past as a roadway to the future, they've done sketches and a clay model. students are inspired by the classic designs found in the museum, take a look. there are some concepts of cars maybe 20 years from now. but roots go back to the classics. >> this is much purer. >> the public can see cars up close. the museum is open twice a week by appointment. on their web site. yes, all cars run. >> they need to be exercised like horses. it's better they run.
6:51 pm
>> don't expect to take one for a spin. >> coming up next a stunner fr stanford football. >> the man who left his mark in a number offfffffffffffffffff [ female announcer ] at jcpenney, we're giving you a big thank you this friday & saturday with the simplest way to save extra. just use your jcpenney rewards credit card and save an extra 20% off all apparel, shoes accessories and home. no exclusions. that's an extra 20% off gifts for her. all the greatest gifts for him. must have kitchen electrics for the home. and dazzling fine jewelry. save an extra 20% off all your holiday gifts. doors open extra early saturday. go to to see everything on sale. we make christmas affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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join me tonight at 9:00, coming up then, gas prices may be leveling off but why one community could have to pay $9 a gallon. >> then at 11:00 here on abc 7 high winds causing problems around the bay tonight. some of the damage and let you know when this will ease up ahead on the news at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and tonight there is sad news. >> there is. >> this is a sad day. chester mclaughlin passed away at age 42 believed he died of a heart attack. he played 12 years in 1992 at 6, 4, he was unblockable at times and made pro bowl four times in, recent years got into coaching and spent two
6:55 pm
years on stanford staff. >> so positive with players and coaches just had a coaching advice or spiritual advice. and there is a smile for you. just a positive, huge presence. >> this morning, when i found out news it was kind of tough. there are guy that's played with him, players that know him. this hit them hard. >> and warriors coach dropped in on niners practice maybe getting tips following a hockout. and 49ers host last place rams on sunday at 9 and 2 they can clinch nfc west. and alex smith says focus sont post season and players have
6:56 pm
been focal about it. >> i don't know why a team won't. it's, i think for everybody team in the league it's the first goal, now to have it, yae. we're talking about it. >> and raiders taking a record to miami. moore sat doubt out with a foot injury. there is a ton of injuries saying they're focused on a win in miami would help. >> it would be a huge step after a long trip to miami owe would with unbelievable for the football team. as long as we've been playing as long as we've been playing. >> and there is the nfl did
6:57 pm
not find ate muzing. and cubs signed him two years, $10 million. cubs like him for defense in out field. and an injury ended his season. he struggled at the plate. all the way back. >> wow. >> yike autos that is this edition of abc 7 news. i'm dan ashley. >> and more layery beal and spencer christian, all of us here hope you have a terrific evening. >> we appreciate your time. we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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